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With Great Fashion Comes Great Confidence

Gone are the days when I used to fit in Small or Extra Small clothes. Nevertheless, I still consider myself a fashionista. At 32, I learned that confidence doesn't just rely on measurements. It comes with maturity, loving and knowing yourself and the body you have right now. Having two children, I learned that motherhood is never an excuse to let yourself go and not get all dolled-up and dressed-up from time to time. Aside from that, being an Independent Beauty Consultant, gives me a sense of responsibility to set an example and to make other women feel important and beautiful. To teach them to embrace their best assets and be proud of themselves.

"You need to walk the talk in order for you to lead."

Feeling like a queen at Mary Kay Career Conference 2017

At Manila Hotel for Mary Kay Philippine Seminar 2017. My fashion inspiration for this outfit is Gretchen Barreto. Her style is always a mix of feminine and sophistication.

At Mary Kay Beauty Center Makati for MAry Kay Ash' Birthday Celebration.

Received my certificate after finishing my Red Jacket Development Day in Mary Kay.

At the launch of Styled Pop-Up Store in Shangri-La Mall.

At Boysen event in SM North Edsa.
Fashioncare is one of the most important task for me at home. Since I don't have all the means to go shopping for new clothes often and have to wash, wear and repeat, I have to be more careful in washing them to prolong their life and to maintain its mint condition.

Just keep in mind that when reusing clothes, you have to accessorize it differently in every other events. It also depends on what time of the day and what the occasion calls for.

At our friend's wedding on December 2016

At IMax SM Megamall for the Special Screening of Beauty and the Beast

Waldy and I have been searching for the best washer in the market since we are getting tired of going back and forth bringing our laundry to the Wash and Go shops. We are currently on the hunt for that perfect washer that will fit our lifestyle and requirements. Here are our few considerations:

1. Specifications. How many kilograms it can handle, sturdy design, functionality and durability.
2. Space-Saver. for the limited space we have.
3. Energy-Saver. Electricity bill costs so much nowadays, and inverters are the solution to maintain or cut down on bills.
4. COST. All specs taken into consideration, it all goes down to "how much and can we afford this" question.

Fortunately, we stumbled upon the answer to our fashioncare dilemma.
Electrolux Washing Machines!

Yes, we fell in-love with Electrolux Vapour Inverter Care Front Load Washing Machine. It all fits the requirements that we are looking for. What's best is that its price is reasonable considering all the benefit it offers.

Electrolux Vapour Inverter Care Front Load Washing Machine
3 Key Benefits:
1. Vapour Action. Soften Fabric for better care while reducing allergen up to 99%
2. Inverter Technology. Packs more power and efficiency while saving energy and helping the environment.
3. With selectable time options, the Time Manager lets you wash on how much and how dirty your clothes are while maintaining your wash quality.

There are other types of washing machines that Electrolux offers. You can visit their website: for a complete lists of home appliances.
The brand is available nationwide to all leading malls and appliances stores and online shops, such as Lazada also carries their brand. 

Watch this clip of Rajo Laurel, FAshion Designer and Electrolux Brand Ambassador, as he talks about Fashion, Life and when he discovered his passion. Also catch a glimpse of his amazing studio.

No matter what size or shape you may be, your confidence will always be your best fashion and being fashionable will give you confidence. That is why in any events or occasion, I always dress to impress! I believe that first impression always last. Your appearance as you go to an event and meet people will always have an impact on how they will remember you.

I was one of the few mommies who was chosen by SM Supermall for a Free Makeover on Mother's Day last May 2017


  1. Pretty as always! <3

  2. Full of enthusiasm! Keep it up Liz!

  3. Wow! Awesome blog �� i really like when you still up For something like be fashionable though you have 2 kids.. unlike me I was not able to fix myself! I learned a lot and want totry something new just
    Like what you’re doing now.. keep on rockin’... godbless ��


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