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STYLED Pop-up Store: A curated one-stop fashion shop

When I hear the word "curated", I always think about luxury, elegance, and history. 

Curated ~ a well-selected, organized, and look after collection or exhibit.
● Fashion ~ a popular trend, especially in styles of clothes and ornaments, or manners of behavior.

Combine the word "curated" to "fashion" and you will get, Curated Fashion. Which sums up what my article is all about.

As shopping malls evolve, design-led 'curated retail outlets' are on the rise. These edited showrooms are some of the ways shop-owners describe the growing phenomenon of multi-brand stores that push independent labels from around the world, or in this case, local brands, home-grown designers and products. These selected shops are well-chosen to fit each others aesthetics and philosophy.

They said that two-heads are better that one. However, in STYLED Pop-up Store's story, three-heads are better than two! Three friends, Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao ( popular TV Host and personality, a certified mompreneur),  Mitch Fernandez ( with extensive background in Marketing management for different online brands) and Jason Alcoriza ( Fashion Stylist of the stars), all known in their respective fields, combined all their creative ideas, resources and skills to create and carefully select 20  quality brands to give them a retail presence with the help of Shangri-La Mall's management.

The result is a beautiful, curated and fashion-forward pop-up shop which can be found at the 2nd Floor Edsa Shangri-La Mall's East Wing. This 400 -sq.-m area houses 20 quality local brands, ranging from fashion, foot-wear, a cafe, organic products such as soaps, body oils, cosmetics, fragrances, aromatherapy and some home furnishings.

Price-wise? Items are at a reasonable price considering you will find the shop at the posh area where other International brands are also located.

Very grateful to my Mary Kay sister, Rubi, who introduced me to Mitch and Angelo, who worked round the clock to put-together all these brands along with Tin-Tin and Jason. This was a first time for me  to attend such glamorous event with oh-so-gorgeous gifts from the different shops. As I am writing this post, I feel nervous and ecstatic to be writing about fashion, beauty and retail. and boy, it feels great! The launch last July 30th was surreal for me since I get to mingle with different TV personalities, business-owners and elites.

STYLED will be running for six months. and even with its successful launch, its still a work in progress that will continue to evolve. Many surprise brands will be added along the way, as the team keeps up with the rise of pop-up shops in the country. Many other brands are looking forward to join this venture and the team are currently looking for a way to accommodate them all. This is very important too, since they aren't the only ones who benefit from this, but they also help fellow Filipinos by being a platform where they can showcase their unique products to the market.

Brands that you will find inside STYLED are:
Mall of Korea. Perfect if you love Korean Fashion Trends.
Woodchuck and Butterfly Kisses. They have trendy wooden watches, eyeglasses, wooden power bank, etc! They have cosmetics like lipstick, foundation, lipgloss et al.
Wade. For your footwear and bag needs.
Columnbus. They have awesome and very affordable jewelry and watch organizer. They also have home decorative accessories made of mother pearls and other local materials which are oh-so fab!
Bennita. Patty Bennita Or's designs are a mix of feminine, sexy, classy, structured, hip, and affordability!
Heaven's Cafe. After an hour of shopping and you find yourself wanting some snack, Heaven's Cafe offers All Organic snack and drinks. Think of cakes made of organic eggs and flour!
Polaris. If you're into gems, stones and jewelries, Polaris is the answer! They have antique home decorations which are incredibly very very old and valuable. one example is the fossilized wood which cost uhmm.. just P500,000.
The Handmade. This is particularly special to me, since Rein Tapales who owns and manufacture the products is also my Mary Kay brother. He himself creates and mix his Spa in Bottle, organic soaps, oil and linen spray.
Pili. I had the chance to talk to Pili's owner where she revealed that their products are not made of the Pili nut itself, but of the shell. The oil of the shell is then added to all their products such as lip tints, lip balm, body oil, lotion, and more.
Japonesa. They offer soaps that is becoming popular in Japan since it has anti-aging, whitening and can also treat skin diseases. They also have serums for any skin needs.
Katre. You'll fall in-love with their affordable leather goods!
Jamie Go. If you're looking for gowns and dresses, you can check Jamie Go's designs. She has an online store too.
Vorge Fitzgerald. I love Vorge's concept of client service where in you just need to book an appointment for fitting and Vorge himself or his team will be the one to meet you at your place.
Collab. Short for collaboration since they are a group of designers combined into  one house of fashion. They  have different aesthetics so you will have many options to choose from.
Dayan Hernandez. Her clothes are very up-to-date! if you're looking for a sexy jumpsuit for a night out or you want something corporate but casual, Dayan has something for you.
Ronald Enrico. Feminine, structured and elegance rolled into one.
Viktoria Couture. They design gowns and dresses depending on your taste. They also have ready-to-wear clothes that are so glamorous.
Aida Gonzales/Timeless. I get to sample their Turmeric Milk tea, the anti-aging soap. loving it right now!
Lilok. As you visit STYLED, you may see gorgeous furniture pieces around the area, such as the beautiful mirror that will welcome you as you enter the dressing room.

Aside from all the other fab brands, one of the chosen exhibitor is Mary Kay. You can avail of the Free Pampering and Make over session from Independent Beauty Consultants ( like me) and our professional Make Up Artist. However, Mary Kay will only be with Styled until the 13th of August. But you can still contact us directly to set up individual appointments.

If you're planning to drop by anytime soon, take a peek of what the store looks-like from the photos I took.

STYLED Team from Right to Left: Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao, Jason Alcoriza and Mitch Fernandez. These three partnered to create STYLED.

The Entrance! You will be welcomed by Heaven's Cafe which serves all organic food items like Malunggay drinks, and cakes made from all organic ingredients.

Wade, Woodchuck, Butterfly Kisses and Mall of Korea
Panoramic View 

Bennita! My personal favorite. See those long-sleeves buttoned-down blouses at the back? 

Crushing on those buttoned-down long-sleeves blouses.

Columnbus Home accessories. Would you believe me if I say that their products are very affordable? 

These dainty jewelry boxes range from P500 - 2000 only!

Thank you Columnbus for this special gift!

Box when close.

Very hands on Isha Ivonne Ricana, owner of Polaris. I love her very approachable personality!

These are authentic ambers from China. 

The controversial fossilized wood. Only a hardcore antique collector would realized the true value of this wood. It looks like a wood, but it feels like a rock when touch. 

I got a piece of Polaris with me all the time. Thank you Ms. Isha for this gift!

Reign Handmade Soaps, Scrubs and Scents. Homemade, organic and oh-so relaxing. I super love the Spa in a Bottle that helps sooth stress and headache.

Sample Designs of Vorge Fitzgerald

Timeless by Aida Gonzales

Almost running out of supply of this Turmeric Milk Tea and anti-aging soap.

Someday I wish to wear one of Jamie Go's Infinity Dress.

This fabulous evening purse from Jamie Go is perfect for my upcoming Mary Kay Philippine Seminar.

My sister! Chos!
Oh Gosh, I looooove the body oil!
Thank you Dayan Hernandez for this lovely scarf. I felt so happy since I lost one just like this a long time a go.


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