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PATAK ~ A Benefit Concert

Patrick Donald Teng had an amazing vision in life. He dreamt of becoming a neuro surgeon and took up medicine at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health. Not known to his own family, he supported charities while attending college and at the same time, offered much of his time doing volunteer work for different organizations and one of them was Hearts at Play.
Patrick was also an active member of The Company of Ateneo Dancers and was President of the Ateneo Medicine Dance Group. He brought joy to a lot of children through dance and even encouraged many of his group members to offer their time to make these children happy.
Unfortunately, all his amazing efforts had to take a side step when diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, a rare type of brain cancer, which ended his dream of being a doctor. Despite his condition, his contagious positive outlook in life remained and Patrick continued his volunteer work even while in a wheelchair. He bravely fought for his recovery, but sad…

With Great Fashion Comes Great Confidence

Gone are the days when I used to fit in Small or Extra Small clothes. Nevertheless, I still consider myself a fashionista. At 32, I learned that confidence doesn't just rely on measurements. It comes with maturity, loving and knowing yourself and the body you have right now. Having two children, I learned that motherhood is never an excuse to let yourself go and not get all dolled-up and dressed-up from time to time. Aside from that, being an Independent Beauty Consultant, gives me a sense of responsibility to set an example and to make other women feel important and beautiful. To teach them to embrace their best assets and be proud of themselves.
"You need to walk the talk in order for you to lead."

Fashioncare is one of the most important task for me at home. Since I don't have all the means to go shopping for new clothes often and have to wash, wear and repeat, I have to be more careful in washing them to prolong their life and to maintain its mint condition.

Just …

Safeguard Global Handwashing Day 2017

In line with Safeguard's 50th year tradition of  hand washing education to prevent diseases and save lives, they led a movement to healthier Philippines through the Global Handwashing Day (GHD) celebration at Baseco Compound in Manila last October 12.
It has been discovered that Filipinos touch more than 23 other people per day, summing up to more than 90 ‘touches’ a day on average. However, they wash our hands only 5 times a day! There are other shocking findings that show opportunities for improvement on handwashing habits particular on specific occasions:
After using the toilet:
·7 out of 10 Filipinos CLAIM to wash their hands after using the toilet but—ONLY 2 out of 10 really do.
·A shocking 64% of Filipinas DO NOT wash their hands at all after using a mall toilet.

Before eating and cooking:
·It was observed that 60% of females washed their hands with water ONLY before cooking.
·Before feeding the kids, 40% washed their hands with water ONLY.

Before and after bonding:
o80% of Fil…

Super Kids Rule!

After an awesome lunch with my siblings yesterday, me and my sister, Joy Mendiola of occasions of joy, headed straight to the kick off of SM Supermall's #SMkidsmonth2017. 
It was an afternoon of pure fun for the kids where they get to watch kiddie fashion shows, dance performance and a whole lot more. The retail giant announced that this whole October will be Super Kids Month.
So many surprises and promos awaits parents and their children such as #SMkidsMonth2017 Digital Promo. Parents gets a chance to win a P30,000-worth of shopping money just by simple answering why super kids rule at SM! Visit SM Supermall page at Facebook for a complete instruction on how to join. 
Great shopping deals from SM Kids, The Baby Company and Toy Kingdom are also up for grabs for that early gift-shopping in you. 
Activities such as fun-tastic nationwide United Nations Day and Halloween festivities awaits SM Super kids this whole month of October!

Please Me

I discovered something about my daughter earlier.
She was trying so hard to make me proud.
So we had a slight miscommunication about it. And I'm glad its out in the open. Maybe its partly my fault, maybe not. Who knows? 
I should be happy about it, yeah? Part of me, yes. But the other half, no. I don't need her to do something that she knows she doesn't have the heart to do just so she can make me proud. 
Being her mommy makes me proud already.
Here's the story behind it:  She was chosen as the candidate of Bb. Kalikasan for Grade 6. She proudly announced it to me when she got home from school. Seeing her excitement and enthusiam made me go on a full stage-mother mode. I started contacting family, friends, "connections" to ask for their recyclables. Started browsing for gown designs which uses recycled materials, started planning for her talent, costumes et al. 
See, 100% stage-mom mode.
Since I was so busy preparing for her, I failed to see her lack of enthusi…

100 Days To Christmas

Christmas has always been the most celebrated and longest holidays in the country. Whenever "Ber" months starts, Pinoy will always be in that Christmas mood. Some do their gift-shopping early, others likes to wait for the last minute rush, while others wait after the holiday to avail of the lowest discounts.
The most important reason why we celebrate this event yearly is, Filipinos are very family-oriented. And Christmas has always been a great moment to spend time with family, reach out to long-lost friends and relatives. And just simply be good to one another.
What I love most about SM Supermalls is that they really know what is most important with us Pinoys. Which is Christmas and Family combined.

On September 16, the retail giant officially started the  100 Days to Christmas countdown. 64 malls nationwide will bring new and fun experiences to their Filipino patrons.
SM also announced exciting deals and fun-filled activities for customer to experience a more meaningful c…